23 January 2016

Why do I TI?

A TI-99/4a came into my life when I was 10 years old. It was dominated for the first year by my older siblings. But after that I found all the learn to program manuals that my father had acquired, and was hooked ever since.

There was a statement in the introduction of the original manual that basically said, "if you screw something up, just turn it off, turn it back on, and no harm done." That passage was a license to explore, create, and have fun!

I learned to program, explored different languages available for the TI, and even collaborated with friends on some ambitious things that never completed.

30 some years later, I hadn't TI'ed since high-school, but I found the MESS emulation support, and then the community on Atariage and jumped right in.

I have re-acquired a rich set of real-iron: My Systems, which I prefer over emulation.

Find me on Atariage as Jedimatt42

The Heading Font

The heading font used on this site is the 'TI99 Basic' font from Dream Codex Retrogames