22 August 2018



(Pronounced tip-ee)

Most of the TI community does not have access to any storage greater than floppy
drives. Most of them don't even have floppy drives, with the only solution
available being the NanoPEB.

I personally wanted a hard drive storage system for my TI-99/4A that just used
loose files similar to how Fred Kaal's HDX (mod to RS232 card) does.

ElectricLab wanted an easier to use network interface for the 4A. He talked me
out of using an embedded arm and sdcard reader. "Just use a Raspberry PI", after
showing me how to do basic data bus interfacing, I went to town.

The PI was a winning idea, as it is an easily extended environment. Many extensions
could be added with just a little python coding.

As an open source project, all the design files are up on github, and the documentation
is in the project's gitub wiki.