28 November 2017


MSX - Simple IO Slot Expander

Extend the rear MSX slot into 2 slots, a full slot, and an IO only Slot. Good for V9990 Powergraph Lite.

TIPI - Raspbery PI companion for TI-99/4A

Add Raspberry PI hosted filesystem to TI, with DSK1-3 simulation, HTTP access, TCP access, and more.

32k sideport expansion for TI-99/4A

Add 32k to a standard TI console without internal soldering or an expensive PEB.

USB Keyboard for Geneve 9640

Repurpose the TI 99 USB Keys project to output XT keyboard scan codes.

TI 99 USB Keys

This project is a keyboard adapter, allowing use of a USB keyboard with the TI-99/4a Home Computer. The adapter consists primarily of "off the shelf" arduino style components.

Geneve GBS-8200 VGA Adapter

This project marries a LM1881 composity-sync cleaner with the GBS-8200 RGB to VGA upscaling adapter to allow connecting modern displays.


Forest of Ruin for Tunnels of Doom

Using a new windows based Tunnels of Doom editor, I created FRUIN or Forest of Ruin. It is an dungeon crawl where the dungeon is meant to be the undergrowth of a forest, getting darker as you go deeper in. Your adventurers start out with only basic armaments. As you travel you encounter ruins which may hold treasures or monsters, or both!