22 March 2018

TIPI has 4 beta users besides myself presently. Most are local to me in the Portland Oregon area.
The beta program has exposed plenty of bugs we are shaking out before making this generally available.

TIPI is composed of 3 layers: the CPLD, the DSR ROM, and the Raspberry PI services.

A self upgrade process has been established for the Raspberry PI services, but there is no facility in the
hardware to support updates to the CPLD or DSR ROM, other then hooking them up to a PC with extra equipment and
reprogramming them.

To this end, the closed beta continues until we are confident there are no CPLD issues left. More of the
community has eprom burners and possibly uv-erasers, so self-upgrading the DSR ROM is acceptible.


I've been playing with my MSX a bit... I have a new project which provides an extra IO Slot so that I can use
my V9990 Powergraph Lite from Technobytes, along with my other 2 cartridges for a full experience.

MSX IO Slot expander

I only needed one, so I have assembled the surplus, and will make these available through ArcadeShopper.com