20 March 2016

TIMXT has a new feature, where it sits on one column of the keyboard and looks for CTRL-SHIFT to be pressed and released. This acts like a pause. The TI 99 USB Keys adapter is interrupt driven, triggering off of change to the keyboard column pins. The TIMXT technique never changes the column state once CTRL-SHIFT is detected. So I had to add some code to update the keyboard outputs when no interrupt has been triggered. This allowed me to remove hacks to make F4 and F= work. I like removing hacks!

I have also fixed a class of problem for fast typists. You could sit there and press backspace, c, backspace, c over and over and see that half of the time the c would be a reverse single quote. This is blead over from the magic use of a FCTN key when the USB backspace is used. You can imagine there are many combinations that behave like this.. Pressing right arrow key and then E could end up sending an up-arrow, which can be very disruptive when entering code. This has been fixed. However, there is a trade off. If you type really with overlap, your second key may be ignored, so that it doesn't get mis-translated. I find this most commonly occurs with contractions, such as "can't".

Head on over to the downloads for the latest (2016-03-19) firmware for the fixes.