26 December 2018

In an effort to learn skills for my day job, I'll be migrating to a different hosting service.


TIPI Software Update

05 June 2018

An update to the Raspberry PI software has been released.

To update the Raspberry PI software, go to TI BASIC, run "CALL TIPI" and follow the instructions. Wait a few minutes. It has to redownload and recompile some code.

On PI Zero W, this update process appears to be hung for about 6 minutes. I recommend you do not press 'R' per teh on screen instructions until after the 6 minutes. This update includes fixes to improve this update process.

Go to Downloads to get the latest sd-card image (b19) if needed.

Along with update fixes (to be experienced by the next update), there are fixes for:


TIPI Software Update

01 May 2018

An update to the firmware both the EPROM, and the Raspberry PI software has been released.

The two halves are independent and can be updated in any order.

Go to Downloads to get the latest DSR-ROM for TIPI.

To update the Raspberry PI software, go to TI BASIC, run "CALL TIPI" and follow the instructions. Wait a few minutes. It has to redownload and recompile some code.


TIPI Mouse Driver for TI Artist Plus

12 April 2018

Finished a mouse driver for TIPI and TI Artist Plus.

Head over to [Downloads]


TIPI Sideport Release

03 April 2018

TIPI has been released as addon for 32k sideport.

A PEB version is still under development.


TIPI Improvements

22 March 2018

TIPI has 4 beta users besides myself presently. Most are local to me in the Portland Oregon area.
The beta program has exposed plenty of bugs we are shaking out before making this generally available.

TIPI is composed of 3 layers: the CPLD, the DSR ROM, and the Raspberry PI services.

A self upgrade process has been established for the Raspberry PI services, but there is no facility in the
hardware to support updates to the CPLD or DSR ROM, other then hooking them up to a PC with extra equipment and
reprogramming them.

To this end, the closed beta continues until we are confident there are no CPLD issues left. More of the
community has eprom burners and possibly uv-erasers, so self-upgrading the DSR ROM is acceptible.


I've been playing with my MSX a bit... I have a new project which provides an extra IO Slot so that I can use
my V9990 Powergraph Lite from Technobytes, along with my other 2 cartridges for a full experience.

MSX IO Slot expander

I only needed one, so I have assembled the surplus, and will make these available through


TIPI 1.0beta5

29 December 2017

TIPI 1.0beta5 - Raspberry PI updates and DSR ROM update

Fire up the TIPICFG tool, and you should see an update available.
A new TIPICFG tool is included, after the update, just type
CALL TIPI from TI BASIC to load the new version.


TIPI Enters Beta

28 November 2017

TIPI (sideport version) has entered closed beta.

1 user has successfully, with no changes, used a Raspberry PI Zero-W mounted directly to the rear port on the TIPI board.
This week we'll get it out two 2 other early beta engineers.


32k card BOM and Gerbers available

26 April 2017

Head over to the 32k board project page, and you'll find the link to gerbers, and all the parts list
required to build these yourselves.


32k card kits available soon

18 March 2017

The 32k sideport memory cards have done really well. Over 70 have been distributed. Some holdouts seem to want a kit form. Kits will full part set will be made available on, along with continued sale of the fully assembled and tested units.

To help anyone building a kit, I've published a video illustrating all the steps:



Production of 32k sideport boards begins!

08 October 2016

Since July 4th, 2016, I have been working on learning what it takes to build a sidecar 32k expansion board for the TI-99/4A. Last Thursday (2016-10-06), I received a production run of pcboards from OSHPark, and am now constructing these boards. They will go on sale soon.


Presentation at PNW TI-99/4a Fest West 2016

03 May 2016

Here I am presenting a bit about the TI 99 USB Keys project at this awesome get together last Saturday.

Youtube on Omega TI's channel


QRCodes at PNW TI-99/4a Fest West 2016

30 April 2016

Earlier today, BJGuillot use the TI 99 USB Keys adapter in my console to demo a QR code wand reading a code and typing the data into a real-iron TI. He generated the QR code with his new program on the TI. Who knew, I was also building a barcode adapter...


USB to XT firmware update

22 March 2016

I have updated the firmware of USB to XT adapter for the Geneve 9640. The latest fix stays 'disconnected' from an XT perspective if the USB keyboard is disconnected. This allows my Geneve 9640's MDOS to boot when the keyboard is on a KVM and switched over to a different computer. The binary firmware is available on the downloads page.


TI 99 USB Keys firmware fix TIMXT Ctrl-Shift

20 March 2016

TIMXT has a new feature, where it sits on one column of the keyboard and looks for CTRL-SHIFT to be pressed and released. This acts like a pause. The TI 99 USB Keys adapter is interrupt driven, triggering off of change to the keyboard column pins. The TIMXT technique never changes the column state once CTRL-SHIFT is detected. So I had to add some code to update the keyboard outputs when no interrupt has been triggered. This allowed me to remove hacks to make F4 and F= work. I like removing hacks!

I have also fixed a class of problem for fast typists. You could sit there and press backspace, c, backspace, c over and over and see that half of the time the c would be a reverse single quote. This is blead over from the magic use of a FCTN key when the USB backspace is used. You can imagine there are many combinations that behave like this.. Pressing right arrow key and then E could end up sending an up-arrow, which can be very disruptive when entering code. This has been fixed. However, there is a trade off. If you type really with overlap, your second key may be ignored, so that it doesn't get mis-translated. I find this most commonly occurs with contractions, such as "can't".

Head on over to the downloads for the latest (2016-03-19) firmware for the fixes.


TI 99 USB Keys firmware fix

15 March 2016

So, funny story... the '?' didnt work on the TI-99/4a in the latest version of TIMXT. It turns out I didn't actually write the code correctly. Go figure... I got the pattern right for the '_', and then fumbled when I replicated it to all of the other keys that you press with a 'shift' but must be sent to the TI as a 'fctn'. In most applications the key worked fine, but I was not actually releasing the shift, and in the TI space, shift-fctn-i is undefined, at best.
Anyway, head on over to the downloads for the latest firmware that fixes that.


9640 NEWS & USB Keyboard for Geneve

13 March 2016

Volume 3 of the 9640 NEWS diskette text is posted now. There was some corruption in disk 5. So not everything is exposed.

Also, check out my projects page for repurposing the TI 99 USB Keys adapter to act as a USB to XT adapter for the Geneve 9640.


Geneve & GBS-8200 upscaler testing & More

28 February 2016

Yesterday I was assisted in testing my GBS-8200 upscaler on another user's Geneve setup. I was able to get some
photos comparing the display using their scart input vs the VGA input with this upscaler. The comparison was positive. This seems like a reasonable solution for the effort / cost.

Also, I have finished volume 2 of Beery Miller's 9640news to html conversion.


9640 NEWS by Beery Miller

15 February 2016

I have been extracting and transforming the 9640 NEWS by Beery Miller from late 1989 to the early 1990s into markdown and onto pages on this site.

I have just finished the complete volume1, issues 1-5.

My goal is to make this information searchable and browsable. I am restraining edits to formatting and occasional minor spelling errors on proper nouns.

Take a look: 9640 NEWS


Firmware update for TI 99 USB Keys

15 February 2016

I have fixed the CAPS-LOCK issues with the USB keyboard, at least for the fbForth and TurboForth editors. I believe the fix should apply to TIMXT, but I wasn't seeing the issue in TIMXT myself. The root cause was subject to timing. That should no longer be the case with the new code.

Find the latest binary firmware on the Downloads page.


Lantronix UDS 10 & TIMXT

06 February 2016

I received my Lantronix UDS 10 on Wednesday. And, I was finally able to get it to talk to my TI-99/4a using TIMXT terminal emulator.

The server settings come out of the box setup for DHCP. But the Channel (option 1) settings need to be modified to put the device in Modem emulation mode. While I was at it, I turned off flow control, and set the baudrate to 4800bps to match the defaults in TIMXT. Below is a transcript from setting it up with via telnet:

Change Setup:
  0 Server
  1 Channel 1
  5 Expert
  6 Security
  7 Factory defaults
  8 Exit without save
  9 Save and exit            Your choice ? 1

Baudrate (4800) ? 
I/F Mode (4C) ? 
Flow (00) ? 
Port No (10001) ? 
ConnectMode (D6) ? 
Auto increment source port  (N) ? 
Remote IP Address : (000) .(000) .(000) .(000) 
Remote Port  (0) ? 
DisConnMode (00) ? 
FlushMode   (00) ? 
DisConnTime (00:00) ?:
SendChar 1  (00) ? 
SendChar 2  (00) ? 

Others have it working with flow control, and with port set to 23. I need to investigate why port 23, and how am I wired wrong that I cannot get flow control to work.


TI 99 USB Keys Firmware Update

05 February 2016

I have updated the firmware for TI 99 USB Keys project.

Fixes an issue with triggering the RESET while the USB keyboard is unplugged. This makes it safer to use USB switch boxes or similarly dumb KVM devices.


TI 99 USB Keys Firmware Update

31 January 2016

I have updated the firmware for TI 99 USB Keys project.

F4 and BREAK actuallly work in TI Basic/XB for tight programs like 10 GOTO 10.


TI 99 USB Keys Firmware Update

30 January 2016

I have updated the firmware for TI 99 USB Keys project.
* Support the forgotten []{} keys.
* Support for the GPIO pins G1,G2,G3.

The project page now details how to load the firmware onto the adapter.

The G1,G2 and G3 pins can be activated by pressing Ctrl-Alt-F10,F11 or F12. (Technically they are activated on
release of those keys.)


TI USB Keys detailed

24 January 2016

I have updated the TI USB Keys project page detailing how to go about this project.


More keyboard fun...

23 January 2016

I found a couple useful links related to USB keyboard adapting...

The first, is the design for a TI-99/4a load interrupt switch. This is significant, as my TI USB Keys project has some open GPIO pins, one of which can could be mapped to load interrupt.

The second is Arduino code to output XT keyboard codes. My same board for connecting to the TI, substituting an XT pigtail should be able to interface the Geneve 9640 if I mashup my software and Kesrut's software. The end goal being my TI and Geneve share a keyboard and VGA display.



23 January 2016

Welcome to! Here you will find details on any of my TI-99/4a related projects.


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